Occupation Summary

Community and Social Service Specialists, All Other

O*NET 21-1099.00


All community and social service specialists not listed separately.

Annual Wages:
Employment Rate:
Employment is expected to increase by 20.45%.
Education Level:
Master's Degree. According to O*Net, the majority of people employed in this occupation have this level of education.
Public Service

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National Industry Employment Patterns

Industry % of Community and Social Service Specialists, All Other employed Annual Growth Rate
Social advocacy organizations 5.5 1.37
Emergency and other relief services 4.6 1.21
Vocational rehabilitation services 2.1 -1.00

Labor Market Information

2018 Statewide average hourly wage $16.86
2018 National average hourly wage $22.14
2016 National employment 100,300
2016 Texas employment 4,671
Texas projected employment by 2026 5,626
Texas projected annual employment and Turnover openings through 2026 710

* Due to confidentiality rules, not all regions may have the data displayed. The sum of all the regions may not be equal to the state total.

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Other Activities

  • Advise employees on career and work-related issues
  • Advise students on education and career-related issues
  • Analyze social or economic data
  • Assist individuals with mental or social disabilities, handicaps, or illnesses
  • Assist individuals with physical disabilities, handicaps, or illnesses
  • Communicate health and safety information
  • Compile data or information related to social service or health programs
  • Conduct public relations
  • Confer with community groups or authorities
  • Coordinate educational events
  • Coordinate social service activities with resource providers
  • Determine social service program status
  • Develop community programs
  • Distribute informational bulletins
  • Establish long-term relationships with industry professionals
  • Establish relationships with external agencies and community organizations
  • Evaluate merit of a case based on precedents, policies, laws, or regulations
  • Identify interrelationships among individuals or social groups
  • Identify interrelationships among social statistics or indicators
  • Maintain awareness of social trends
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with community service organizations
  • Maintain relationships with external agencies, organizations, and communities
  • Manage community relations for law enforcement agency
  • Manage detailed case records in a clinical or social work setting
  • Match clients to community resources
  • Operate computers to enter, calculate, access, and retrieve data
  • Plan social behavior learning activities
  • Promote institutional objectives to associations, agencies, or community groups
  • Refer clients to community services or resources
  • Refer patients to community resources

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** The information in this report may be derived from many sources like O*NET, BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook), and Career One Stop.