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School Information

Texas Career Check enables you to research and explore institutions beyond high school all across the U.S. Collect a detailed informational report for your institutions of interest, or browse our comprehensive list of colleges, universities, and career schools to learn more about them.

Programs of Study

What you learn in school can directly affect your career opportunities. It is important to consider the courses or training you select based on your long-term career goals. Explore how programs of study connect to specific occupations.

Compare Schools

Find out which school is best for you by comparing them side by side.

High School Graduation Plan

Provide your students with a free and easy-to-use personal graduation plan document they can save and send to their Counselors. The fully-dynamic forms can be manipulated after being saved so that Counselors can make changes as needed. There is also a section reserved for Counselors to provide additional information for each student. These documents can be saved as part of the each student’s personal records.