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Texas Career Check is an exploration tool built for students to research different Careers and Schools. This system provides an intuitive way to look for information and descriptions on occupations and schools that the student may be interested in. This tool brings together a wealth of information from various sources maintained by different entities. While these independent entities are informative on their own, they are usually difficult to navigate and the required data is hard to find. Texas Career Check relieves this issue with an easy to navigate website. This has 2 sections: Exploring Careers and Exploring Education.

Texas CARES is the predecessor of Texas Career Check. While CARES was a system which had similar sources for data, it needed a refresh. With fast changing technology, the newly designed website has been created in a manner so that it renders well in any screen that it is brought up on. Special care was taken to ensure that the website is accessible. Texas Career Check is WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Texas Career Check was created by the Labor Market and Career Information department of the Texas Workforce Commission.

The data for various sections of Texas Career Check is curated from many different sources to bring you comprehensive and informative reports. While many of the sources have even more detailed information on some of the topics, care was taken in selecting relevant data points which added the most value.
The Careers section of Texas Career Check draws information from the following sources:
O*NET: this is the primary source of information for occupations. This is being developed and maintained by US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA)
Career One Stop : Career One Stop, developed and maintained with support from the U.S. Department of Labor offers extensive data and tools for job seekers, businesses, students, and career advisors to research more on occupations.
Bureau of Labor Statistics : Bureau of Labor Statistics is the Federal agency that measures labor activity, working conditions, and price change in the economy. A few sections of the occupation summary report is derived from BLS.
Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) department of the Texas Workforce Commission: Texas Workforce Commission is the State agency which provides workforce development services for employees and employers for the state of Texas.
The Education section of Texas Career Check gets its information from Peterson’s Undergraduate Database.The data is a result of Peterson’s Annual Surveys that are sent out to the various accredited institutions.

Texas Career Check draws information from different sources, which have different update frequencies. The major sources have the following update cycles:
O*NET: Annually
Career One Stop: Annually
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Annually
Texas Regional Data from LMCI: Every 2 years
Peterson’s Undergraduate Data: Annually

Not all information for all the occupations or schools is available. For some of the occupations or schools, the data might be missing from the sources due to the lack of information collected through the respective surveys. Some information, for example, wage data for an occupation may be unavailable due to suppression. These suppressions may be due to survey confidentiality or due to privacy issues.

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The Labor Market and Career Information department of Texas Workforce Commission offers the following resources that help you with Career or School exploration:
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The Interest Profiler in Texas Career Check is based on the O*NET Interest Profiler.
Users will:
1. Identify their work-related interests,
2. Focus on career search activities, and
3. Link their interests to a set of occupations.

The scores from the Interest Profiler are a summary of the broad interests areas. The results can be used as a guide for career exploration: the resulting set are the occupations that the user might enjoy basend on the type of activities required by that occupation.
The scores and the "Fit" results are calculated by O*NET. You can read more about O*Net services by clicking on the logo below.

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